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Avoid the risks and expenses that come with a damaged or substandard chimney liner — call on Chimney Works when you need high-quality chimney liners in Southeastern Connecticut.Chimney liners contain the heat from flue gases and combustible by products of burning wood. Without them, the brick or concrete that make up the chimney’s exterior could weaken and deteriorate. However, this is merely the tip of the iceberg.

The Dangers of a Damaged Chimney Liner

Cracks, erosion and inaccurate sizing are among the most common chimney liner problems. In our thirty plus years of servicing houses and commercial buildings in Greater Mystic Connecticut, we’ve seen all that could go wrong with chimney liners. We also know the problems homeowners and property owners encounter due to damaged — or nonexistent — chimney liners.

  • High risk of fire – Chimney masonry is prone to overheating and catching fire without a proper liner.
  • Water damage – Water can seep through cracks in chimney liners, damaging the masonry and leaving the fireplace moist.
  • Soot buildup – Byproducts cling to and accumulate on rough masonry surfaces.
  • Erosion – It’s not just stainless steel chimney liners that erode; bricks and mortar do, too.
  • Structural instability – All things considered, chimneys without liners or with damaged liners have a high risk of collapsing.
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning – Clogged, cracked or inefficient chimneys could send dangerous carbon monoxide flowing back indoors.

Not staying on top of chimney liner maintenance could lead to a devastating outcome. Don’t let your property’s value or your family’s health and safety suffer the consequences. Talk to our representatives, and we’ll supply you with a quality chimney liner in Connecticut.

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Reasons To Reline

A chimney liner is a critical part of your chimney. Most homeowners are not aware that the byproducts of burning gas and oil in your furnace are just as bad for your chimney as those from burning solid fuels in your fireplace. All of these byproducts can easily deteriorate a flue. Fireplace and wood stove chimney liners provides extra protection for the flue and guides gases and by products out of the chimney structure quickly.

Your chimney’s flue needs to be able to carry heat and gasses safely up and away from the chimney. A stainless steel liner is key in maintaining efficient air flow within the chimney and provides a reliable outlet for the combustion gases that are produced as a result of burning.

To be quite honest, too many chimneys are not built right in the first place. Chimneys are installed by builders and masons, not chimney professionals current in codes and standards. A majority of older homes built before the 1940’s were not built with clay flue liners. If your chimney flue has no flue tile or lining, it is likely that the heat and gasses created during burning are leaking into your home, and could quite possibly cause carbon monoxide poisoning or a chimney fire.

Why Get a Stainless Steel Chimney Liner?

Lets face it, if you have been given a quote or are shopping around, you already know that stainless steel chimney liners are not cheap, but in the long run the benefits outweigh the cost.
Stainless steel liners tend to collect less soot and creosote than clay flue tiles when used, being much easier to keep clean. Left unprotected, the gases produced during combustion can erode and deteriorate your masonry from the interior out. A stainless steel chimney liner will provide a strong durable lining in the chimney and acts as a barrier to gases, moisture and already damaged flue tile. Having your liner insulated with a pour mix insulation or a wrap insulation helps in keeping heat in the chimney, creating a steady draft.

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